Certification Procedures

Certification Procedures

Teacher certification is conferred by the New York State Education Department to candidates who meet all requirements for the issuance of the certificate. The School of Education's graduate programs lead to initial/professional certification recommendation depending on the candidates' teaching experience and academic preparation.

To be eligible for certification, you must:

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Initial Teaching Certification

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Dignity for All Students (DASA)



Professional Teaching Certification/Additional Teaching Certifications for Certified Teachers

Educating All Students Test (EAS) - If needed

Content Specialty Tests (CST) Should be taken prior to completing the program

professional certification recommendation also requires documentation of three years of teaching experience at the same grade range/subject area as the certificate sought. During one of the years, the candidate must have been mentored by an experienced teacher or school administrator.

School Building Leadership

Revised School Building Leader Assessment (SBL)

Educating All Students Test (EAS) - If needed


School District Leadership

School District Leader (SDL)

Educating All Students Test (EAS) - If needed

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Additional Information

The NYSED TEACH system requires candidates to file an electronic application for certification at the TEACH website.