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Department of Literature and Language

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Literature and Language at Mercy University

The Department of Literature and Language helps students develop the ability to think creatively and critically, communicate clearly and persuasively and recognize patterns in human behavior and history. Students are able to strengthen their voices with programs in English, Spanish and a master’s degree in English Literature.  

Student are prepared to succeed in an economy exploding with writing and communications opportunities, as well as prepare students for further in education in graduate school or doctoral programs. 

Programs Offered

  • English, Bachelor of Arts  (Major or Minor) 

  • Spanish, Bachelor of Arts  (Major or Minor) 


Red Hyacinth

In May, Mercy celebrated the first issue of its newest literary and arts journal, Red Hyacinth. The journal is driven by students from start to finish — from submitting original writing and art, to selecting and editing pieces, to laying out the pages and communicating with the printer. “I’m so proud of Red Hyacinth,” says Editor Hope Androsko ’19. “It’s kind of like watching my baby … It was such a rewarding experience to see submissions turn into this beautiful journal. It’s so rewarding to be able to say, ‘I made this!’”

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