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Update: Mercy's COVID-19 Policies

For the latest information about Mercy’s COVID-19 policies click here.  STUDENTS: To upload your vaccination documentation, click here.  

Tuition & Fees

Mercy College has one of New York’s lowest private tuition rates so you can get a private education without all the debt. International students at Mercy pay the same tuition rate as their American peers. Our mission is to provide a high-quality education to anyone determined enough to earn it — and our tuition reflects that.

At Mercy College, you can take advantage of NY's lowest private tuition rate. International students pay the same tuition rate as their American peers. 

Rates shown are effective for the Summer 2021 through Spring 2022 terms.

Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate Tuition

Full time (12 credits or more)                 $9,960.00 per term
Part time (less than 12 credits) $837.00 per credit

Registration Fees

12 credits or more               $407.00 per term
Less than 12 credits              $204.00 per term

Undergraduate Program Fees

(For Fall and Spring Terms Only)  
Business Honors Program: One-time Fee                  $300.00 1st term
Business Technology Fee $25.00 per term
Computer Science $75.00 per term
Computer Arts & Technology: greater than 6 credits $800.00 per term
Computer Arts & Technology: 6 credits or less $400.00 per  term
Computer Science $75.00 per term
Cybersecurity $75.00 per term
Information Systems $75.00 per term
Media Studies (greater than 6 credits) $150.00 per term
Media Studies (6 credits or less) $75.00 per term
Music Industry & Technology (greater than 6 credits)                             $700.00 per term
Music Industry & Technology (6 credits or less)             $350.00 per term
Nursing Program - 1st year students $800.00 per term
Nursing Program - 2nd year students $1,500.00 per term    
Nursing Program - 3rd year students $1,500.00 per term
Nursing Program - 4th year students $1,500.00 per term
RN to BSN Program $62.50 per term
Clinical Lab Science - 4th Year students                        $300.00 per term


(For Fall, Spring and Summer Terms)  
Nursing - 2nd Degree ASDBS program $1,500.00 per term


Fully Online RN to BSN Program
Tuition, per credit $460.00 per credit
Registration Fee - 12 credits or more                    $407.00 per term
Registration Fee - Less than 12 credits $204.00 per term
RN to BSN Program Fee $62.50 per term

Graduate Tuition & Fees


Business Administration (MBA)                             $965.00 per credit
Business Analytics $965.00 per credit
Communication Disorders $1,038.00 per credit
Computer Science $943.00 per credit
Counseling $943.00 per credit
Cybersecurity $965.00 per credit
Education $943.00 per credit
English Literature $943.00 per credit
Family Nurse Practitioner $943.00 per credit
Health Services Management $943.00 per credit
Human Resource Management                                                    $965.00 per credit
Marriage & Family Therapy $943.00 per credit
Mental Health Counseling $943.00 per credit
Nursing $943.00 per credit
Occupational Therapy   $1,038.00 per credit          
Organizational Leadership $965.00 per credit
Physical Therapy $1,038.00 per credit
Physician Assistant Studies $1,084.00 per credit
Psychology $943.00 per credit
Public Accounting $965.00 per credit
Public Administration $943.00 per credit
School Building Leadership $943.00 per credit
School District Leadership $943.00 per credit
School Psychology $943.00 per credit
Web Strategy and Design $965.00 per credit


Graduate Registration Fees

12 credits or more                   $407.00 per term
Less than 12 credits $204.00 per term


Graduate Program Fees

Business Technology Fee $25.00 per term
Graduate Nursing $325.00 per term
Physician Assistant - First year students $300.00 per term
Physician Assistant - Final program year $275.00 per term
Physical Therapy $150.00 per term
Occupational Therapy - 1st year students $330.00 per term
Occupational Therapy - 2nd year students $200.00 per term
Communication Disorders       $250.00 per term


Other Fees

Transcript Fees

Official Transcript                                   Free
Unofficial Transcript $5.00 per copy


International Student Fee

First time enrolled fee $450.00 per program


Application Fees

Undergraduate $40.00
Graduate $40.00
Graduate - OT/PT/OM Programs                $62.00


Late Fees

Late Payment Fee (for each late payment)              $100.00 each
Late Registration Fee $100.00 each


Returned Check Fee

$20.00 each


Audit Fee

50% of tuition

For information on additional fees not listed, including additional course fees, refer to the Mercy College Course Bulletin and/or Catalog.

Financial Aid Options to Students