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Tuition and Fees

Take advantage of NY's lowest private tuition rate.  

All fees are non-refundable and subject to change without prior notice.

Undergraduate Tuition

Undergraduate Tuition

Full time (12 credits or more)

Part time (less than 12 credits)

$8,583.00 per term

$722.00 per credit

Undergraduate Registration Fee

12 credits or More

Less than 12 credits

$300.00 per term

$150.00 per term


Special Program Tuition

Special Program Tuition (For Fall and Spring Terms Only)  
  Computer Arts + Design (greater than 6 credits) $800.00 per term
  Computer Arts + Design (6 credits or less) $400.00 per term
  Music Industry and Technology (greater than 6 credits) $800.00 per term
  Music Industry and Technology (6 credits or less) $400.00 per term


Graduate Tuition

Graduate Tuition    
  Communication Disorders $894.00 per credit
  Counseling $814.00 per credit
  Cybersecurity $831.00 per credit
  Education $814.00 per credit
  English Literature $814.00 per credit
  Health Services Management $814.00 per credit
  Human Resource Management $831.00 per credit
  MBA - Business Administration $831.00 per credit
  Nursing $814.00 per credit
  Occupational Therapy $894.00 per credit
  Organizational Leadership $831.00 per credit
  Physical Therapy $894.00 per credit
  Physician Assistant Studies $934.00 per credit
  Psychology $814.00 per credit
  Public Accounting $831.00 per credit
  School Building Leadership $814.00 per credit
  School Psychology $814.00 per credit
  Web Strategy and Design $831.00 per credit


For additional fees not listed, refer to the Mercy College Course Bulletin and/or Catalog.