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Mercy College wants to help high school juniors and seniors get a jump start on their college career by offering college level courses while still in high school. The courses are credit bearing and are accepted as direct transfer credits at Mercy College and at most other colleges and universities. Offered during the academic year at your high school, the course work provides you with valuable preparation for college level work. It also saves time and money toward a college degree.

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For questions regarding the program please email

For questions regarding course submissions please email

April 27, 2016

Dear High School Administrator,

Mercy College would like to thank you for your interest in our High School Achievement Program.  As we open the course submission period for the 2016-2017 school year we would like to inform you of some changes to the program.

1. Please submit all your 2016-2017 courses at this time (Fall, Spring, and Yearlong). This will be the only submission period for the High School Achievement Program for academic year 2016-2017. You may access the online course submission form through the Mercy College website at:

The course submission form will be open from April 27th and close at 5pm on May 24th. No submissions will be accepted after May 24th   

2. There is a new High School Achievement Program Course Catalog (attached). Only courses listed in the High School Achievement Catalog will be accepted for consideration. Courses will be reviewed by the college after the submission period ends. All schools will receive notification of status of their submission the week of June 6th.

3. To comply with accreditation standards, all Mercy College courses must provide evidence of the assessment of student learning. For this reason, all fields listed on the High School Achievement Program online course submission form must be completed and corresponding documents uploaded in order to be considered for participation in the High School Achievement Program. Faculty teaching the courses must identify measurable learning outcomes and appropriate measures to assess student achievement of these outcomes.

As a reminder, course syllabi and resumes are required to be re-evaluated for every proposed course offering during the year to ensure that the course(s) continue to adhere to Mercy guidelines. Only faculty members at your high school who hold a Master's Degree in the subject area (or a Master's Degree in Education and have at least 3 years' experience teaching the subject matter) will be considered to teach college level courses. See attached High School Achievement Program Policies for complete details.

All questions regarding course submissions should be directed to


Concetta M.  Stewart, PhD
Office of the Provost
Mercy College

High School Achievement Program Course Catalog
April 26, 2016

Only courses listed in the High School Achievement Course Catalog can be submitted for approval.

High School Course Catalog
High School Achievement Program Policies
April 26, 2016

Please review the High School Achievement Program Policies manual to ensure that you follow all policies properly.