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For questions regarding the program please email

For questions regarding course submissions please email 

If you are a High School Administrator or participating teacher in the program, please click here to access the online course submission form

All documents, course syllabi, and resumes must be submitted yearly for evaluation.

  • A syllabus must match up to a course in the High School Achievement Course Catalog.

  • Only ONE syllabus may be uploaded at a time. You cannot combine syllabi into one file.

  • You must upload a resume with each syllabus.

  • Each syllabus must contain the following categories:

    • Course Description

    • Mercy College Course Learning Outcomes (these are listed in the course catalog)

    • Assessment of Course Learning Outcomes (measures to assess student achievement)

    • Grading Scale and Policy

    • Course Outline of Topics (approximately 15 weeks (per one-semester course) outline OR Yearlong outline)

    • Required Textbook / Materials

    • Contact information for Teacher (name, phone and email)

2017-2018 High School Achievement Program Course Catalog
April 20, 2017

Only courses listed in the High School Achievement Course Catalog can be submitted for approval.

2017 - 2018 High School Achievement Program Policies
April 19, 2017

Please review the High School Achievement Program Policies manual to ensure that you follow all policies properly.