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    Department of Early Childhood and Childhood Education

    Preparing children for the future...
Department of Early Childhood and Childhood Education

We believe that the early years of a child's education are important and formative experiences that will serve as the basis for future endeavors. At Mercy College you will learn the skills to be a critical piece of this educational foundation.

Programs Offered
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If you have any questions about the programs please contact:

Elena Nitecki
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Childhood Education
(914) 674-7370

Meet Diamond Carter

Diamond came to Mercy College to get triple-certified and is balancing a full-time teaching job with a full master's course load. Why? She loves teaching!

Admission Requirements

MS Programs: Candidates must have a bachelor's degree in liberal arts or sciences with a 3.0 GPA or higher and pre-requisite course work with a minimum of a average in the following:

  • Mathematical processes (6 credits)
  • Scientific processes (6 credits)
  • Historical and Social Sciences (6 credits)
  • Communications/Humanities/Written analysis and expression (3 credits)
  • Artistic expression (3 credits)
  • Information retrieval (3 credits)
  • Language other than English (3 credits)

In addition, candidates should submit the following:

*Please note that all students must take the GRE General Test unless applying for the non-certification (Educational Studies) option.

Program Highlights
  • Recognized by national accrediting bodies:
    • Early Childhood Education - recognized by NAEYC
    • Childhood Education - recognized by ACEI
  • Small student/teacher ratios
  • Combination of theoretical and practical, with fieldwork experiences in most courses
  • Rich clinical experience