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Alternate Format Book Request Form

Those students who have the approved accommodation of receiving their books in alternative formats should complete this form. This form needs to be submitted to at least 2 weeks prior to classes starting. It can take at least 2 weeks for our office to obtain books in alternate formats, so it is imperative for this information to be correct and submitted as soon as the information is available to you. With this form, you must also submit a copy of the receipt for the hard copy of the book as a proof of purchase. We will not begin processing your requests for books without receipts.

General Information
Book Information #1

I understand that the alternative format books that I receive are for use in connection with a course in which I am registered and that the sole use is for my own educational purposes.  I agree that I will not copy or duplicate the file for use by others. I understand that I must provide a copy of the receipt for the book purchase by the end of the first week of classes.  No books in alternate format can be released without proof of purchase on file. I also understand that I must return the alternate format at the end of the semester.