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STEM Teachers

Advanced Certificate in STEM Education

Teachers with either two years experience and/or a master’s degree can develop expertise in the area of STEM pedagogy. As STEM becomes a central focus across education, this advanced certificate can elevate a teaching career in any subject.

Students take four core courses and may take electives in early childhood, oceanography, forensics, math problem solving, bioengineering, history of math and more.

Biology program outcomes

Career Opportunities

Students will be eligible for STEM teacher positions. Teachers with expertise in STEM fields are in-demand as schools continue to place an emphasis on these subjects.

Salary Increase

STEM Credits  
Added credits in this in-demand field = salary increases. 

4 Courses

Total Courses for Mercy Grads
Mercy graduates only need four courses to complete the certificate. 

18 Credits

Total Credits to Earn Your Degree
Classes in enhancing mathematics with STEM, leadership in STEM, engineering for the classroom

What We Offer
The Mercy Advantage

  • Strong relationships with elementary and secondary schools across New York City and Westchester
  • Online course completion offers flexible scheduling
  • National Accreditation - NCATE and CAEP

"These courses are challenging in a good way! I have finally taken a course that pushed my thinking and practices . . . I  definitely feel like  I have grown as an educator  . . . I highly recommend [them]. "

Virginia Pena, Mercy Masters in Education, Class of 2018

Honors student at Commencement.

Unique Option for Mercy Grads

If you hold a degree from the Mercy College School of Education, you can complete this program by taking only 4 classes, for a total of 12 credits. It's a fast way to add an important credential to your already valuable Mercy degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer credits in from another program to satisfy the requirements for this program?

No, all courses for this certificate must be taken at Mercy College. Mercy College graduates of the School of Education usually have taken two of the courses in the program.

Will this advance certificate lead to certification or provide an additional certification?

No, it is coursework taken to develop expertise in the area of STEM pedagogy. New York State currently does not certify teachers in STEM.

Are there some frequently used links I might need during the application process?

Program Details & Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

Total of six courses are to be taken at Mercy College.

STEM Education Certificate: 18 Credits

For a full curriculum listing visit our catalog. 


Program Eligibility

  • Elementary school teachers (K-12) with either 2 years experience or a master's degree
  • Secondary school teachers (7-12) with either 2 years experience in science, technology, engineering or math or a master's degree

No master's degree is required if you have requisite experience. 

Effective Educator Statement

Students must submit an Effective Educator Statement to complete their application. You can download requirements here. 

Please submit the completed statement to your application portal