Wireless Network

Mercy University Wireless Network

A new, fast and secure wireless network has been installed at Mercy University, making all four campuses 100% wireless.The new wireless network includes more than 250 wireless access points delivering superior performance and seamless coverage to all buildings.  

Mavericks-WiFi is the open Wi-Fi network available at all Mercy University campuses and can be used by students, staff, and guests for internet access. In order to use Mavericks-WiFi, users will need to accept the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

The AUP splash page will automatically pop-up when you connect your device to Mavericks-WiFi. If the page does not automatically pop-up on your device, open a web browser and navigate to any http webpage such as www.apple.com or www.bing.com and the splash page will open.

Per University policy after 24 hours have elapsed, you will be prompted to accept the AUP again.

For detailed instructions to connect to Mavericks-WiFi and accept the AUP, please click here for directions

Please see the following link should you need instructions on connecting to “Mavericks WiFi”:

For questions about the  wireless network or to resolve technical issues, please contact the Mercy University Helpdesk at helpdesk@mercy.edu or 914-674-7526.