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Department of Communication & The Arts

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Communication and the Arts at Mercy University

The Department of Communication and the Arts offers students the ability to explore communications in all its forms – video and television production; public relations; graphic design and animation; music production; and journalism. Students are given hands-on opportunities to create and gives student the skills relevant for today’s media professions.  

State-of-the-Art On-Campus Facilities

A teaching moment in Mercy's TV and Radio Production studios.

Through hands-on instruction, students learn and practice several styles of production. They include multi-camera studio productions producing TV talk shows and fictional narratives, in addition to single camera fictional narrative production, TV news production, video documentary production and video editing. Radio courses cover console operation and announcing, audio recording for radio, writing, and producing.

Mercy's music production Studio A.

Students have access to all labs and studios for personal projects and are assigned their own personal studio time in conjunction with a particular course. They may also reserve the studios for additional projects using an online booking procedure. Outside guests are welcome accompanied by the student.

Design and Animation

We have two digital design and animation studios, and a traditional studio for drawing, painting and design. All stations in our digital studios are equipped with Cintiq Interactive Pen Displays. 

Each digital studio has dedicated video projection and audio equipment for classroom demonstrations and critiques. Students routinely borrow digital cameras or audio recording for independent and class projects.

Film Festival

International Film Festival

With exclusive viewings and esteemed guest speakers, Mercy University’s International Film Festival is a hub for cutting edge cinema. The festival is presented by the School of Liberal Arts, bringing talent from across the globe over four days.  

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Our award winning student newspaper, The Impact, enables its student writers to build a portfolio, an important tool for interviewing for a job as a writer. 

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