Information Security

Information Security

Information security and data privacy are essential to everything we do at Mercy University. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is committed to protecting valuable and sensitive data of our students, faculty & staff, and maintaining compliance with all local, state, federal and international data and privacy laws and regulations. In today’s digital age, and with the increase in cyber threats, it is important that we maintain our shared responsibility to protect private and sensitive information.

OIT and Mercy’s Office of Human Resources (HR) are taking all possible measures to thwart any possible threats and to protect the Mercy Community. We cannot do it alone! Every time you log into your computer, you become a member of our Cyber Security Defense Team. When you avoid clicking on a link sent by an unfamiliar source, you strengthen our defenses. When you decline to provide sensitive information to an unauthorized person, or when you protect your laptop or smartphone, you help keep Mercy University secure.

As a reminder: See Something, Say Something! Often your sharp eyes, ears and minds are our best defense. If you see something suspicious, please immediately report it to the IT Helpdesk by emailing helpdesk @ or calling 914-674-7526.

Thank you for your commitment to information security and data privacy.

Cyber Security Alerts

Please see following sections for helpful information regarding alerts
- Cyber Awareness Initiative
- Cyber Security Alerts
- COVID-19 related Cyber Security Information
- Phone Scam Calls
- Online Shopping Scams

Email Security

Please see following sections for helpful information regarding Email Security
- Phishing - Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks
- Ransomware - Protecting Against Ransomware
- Phishing - Keep yourself safe from email scams and fake websites
- Multi-Factor Authentication - Learn how MFA gives accounts an extra layer of protection
- Password Management - Learn about Password Management

PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

Please see following sections for helpful information regarding PII
- PII (Personally Identifiable Data) - Learn how to protect PII Data
- Data Policy - Learn about Data Policy
- Acceptable Use Policy
- Email Policy
- Information Security Policies

Cyber Security General Tips

Please see following sections for helpful information regarding Cyber Security
- Tech Tools for Telecommuting (Faculty & Staff)
- Tech Tools for Telecommuting (Students)
- Cyber Security Awareness Month 2020
- Peer-to-Peer (P2P) File Sharing - Guidelines & Restrictions

File Sharing, Storage & Collaboration

- Microsoft 365 - File Sharing & Storage, OneDrive, Teams/SharePoint, Forms
- File Sharing (Internal & External)