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Academic Leadership

The academic leadership of Mercy College includes the School's Deans, Department Chairs, and Program Directors, all of whom provide effective leadership within their areas, and fulfill the College's mission.

Deans, Associate Deans, and Director of Libraries

School of Business
Dean | Lloyd Gibson, DSc, MBA
Associate Dean |
Victor Petenkemani, MBA

School of Education
Interim Dean | Eric Martone, PhD
Associate Dean for Administration |
     Mary Ellen Hoffman, MS
Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs |
     Roseanne Vallice Levy, PhD

School of Health and Natural Sciences
Dean | Joan Toglia, PhD, FAOTA
Associate Dean | Kathleen Golisz, OTD, FAOTA
Associate Dean of Nursing, Dobbs Ferry and
     Manhattan | Miriam Ford, PhD
Associate Dean of Nursing, New Rochelle and
     Bronx | Deborah Hunt, PhD

School of Liberal Arts
Dean | Peter West, PhD
Associate Dean | Andrés Matías-Ortiz, PhD

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Interim Dean | Diana Juettner
Associate Dean | Eduardo Zachary Albrecht, PhD
Associate Dean for Administration | Wendi Vescio

Interim Director of Libraries |
Moddie Breland, MLS, EdD

School of Education

Dr. Christine Lang
Chair, Special Education

Dr. JungKang Miller
Chair, Literacy and Multilingual Studies

Dr. Amanda Gunning
Chair, Secondary Education

Dr. Elena Nitecki
Chair, Childhood Education

Dr. Esther Wermuth
Chair, Educational Leadership

School of Liberal Arts

Mr. David Wang
Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. Kristen Keckler
Chair, Literature and Language

Dr. Robert Murray
Chair, Humanities, and
Program Director, History

Mr. Michael Perrota
Chair, Communication and the Arts, and
Program Director, Journalism

Dr. Narasim Banavara
Program Director, Computer Science (Graduate Program) and Computer Information Systems

Mr. Josh Gaetjen
Program Director, Design and Animation

Mr. Louis Grasso
Program Director, Media Studies

Dr. Alan Hartman
Program Director, Modern Foreign Languages

Dr. Sisi Li
Program Director, Computer Science (Undergraduate Program)

Dr. Charles Li
Program Director, Mathematics

Dr. Christopher Loots
Program Director, English (Undergraduate Program) and English Literature (Graduate Program)

Mr. Paul Steinman
Program Director, Music Production and Recording Arts

Dr. Jong Yoon
Program Director, Cybersecurity (Graduate and Undergraduate Programs), and
Director, Mercy Cybersecurity Education Center

Dr. Jason Zalinger
Program Director, Communication Studies

General Education and Honors Program

Dr. Richard Brad Medoff
Director, General Education

Ms. Emily Seibert
Program Director, Critical Inquiry and Junior Seminar

Dr. Irina Ellison and
Dr. K. Patrick Fazioli
Co-Directors, Honors Program

School of Business

John Fuller
Chair, Graduate Business

Ms. Denise Stefano
Chair, Accounting

Mr. Victor Petenkemani
Chair, Undergraduate Business

Program Director, Organizational Leadership and Human Resource Management

Dr. Matthew Miraglia
Program Director, Corporate and Homeland Security

Dr. Gazmen Xhudo
Program Director, EDGE Program

School of Health and Natural Sciences

Dr. Irina Ellison
Chair, Department of Natural Sciences


Dr. Elizabeth Lanter
Program Director, Communications Disorders

Ms. Lorraine Cashin
Program Director, Physician Assistant Program

Ms. Cristina Dumitrescu
Program Director, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Dr. Ferdinand Esser
Program Director, Health Sciences

Ms. Shevonba Graham
Program Director, Nursing, Rosa Parks Location

Dr. Renée Haskew-Layton
Program Director, Biology

Dr. Nannette Hyland
Program Director, Physical Therapy

Dr. Astrid Mel
Program Director, Exercise Science

Dr. Susan Moscou
Executive Director, Nursing

Ms. Michelle Naylor
Program Director, Clinical Laboratory Science

Dr. Sonia Pervaiz
Program Director, Second Degree Nursing Program

Dr. Lisa Schenkel
Program Director, Veterinary Technology

Dr. Sharon Shockness
Co-Program Coordinator, Generic Nursing Program

Dr. Francine Seruya
Program Director, Occupational Therapy

Ms. Patricia Sutton
Co-Program Coordinator, Generic Nursing Program

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Ms. Diana Juettner, Esq.
Chair, Social Sciences

Dr. Mary Knopp Kelly
Chair, Psychology and Social Work

Dr. Cynthia Walley
Chair, Counseling

Dr. Kristine Southard
Executive Director, Center for New Resources-Adult Education
Dr. Eduardo Albrecht
Program Director, International Relations and Diplomacy

Dr. Dorothy Balancio
Program Director, Sociology

Dr. Jeffrey Cohen
Program Director, School Psychology

Dr. Mary Cuadrado
Program Director, Criminal Justice

Dr. Carolyn Cullen
Interim Student/Faculty Coordinator, Mental Health Counseling

Ms. Donna Drumm, Esq.
Program Director, Legal Studies

Ms. Carolyn Hanesworth
Interim Program Director, Social Work

Dr. Evan Imber-Black
Program Director, Marriage and Family Therapy

Dr. Chelsea Kuo
Program Director, Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Alberto Manzi
Interim Admissions Coordinator, Mental Health Counseling

Dr. Elizabeth Pete
Program Director, Health Services Management

Dr. Kristine Southard
Program Director, BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dr. Ellen Sperber-Freebern
Program Director, Undergraduate Psychology

Dr. Rebecca Trenz
Program Director, Graduate Psychology

Dr. Cynthia Walley
Program Director, School Counseling